About Us

Who we are?

The Bhavishya Foundation serves impoverished children throughout Northern India who face constant obstacles in the effort to attend primary school. We provide them with the necessary tools and support they need to accomplish their daily educational responsibilities and expand their horizons. The country’s illiteracy rates and gender disparities combined make for doubly trying pursuits. Although these rates have risen in recent years, the education system faces a shortage of quality resources, schools, classrooms and teachers.

We have every intention of extending our services to the children in other regions of India in time. With your help, we can leave a lasting impression and transform the way the children of India learn.


Bhavishya Foundation has founded in 2015 as a Charitable Trust with the future generations of Karnataka in mind. Her dream is to ensure that gifted children, regardless of their social and economic background, receive first rate education. An ambitious scholarship program covering a number of schools in different districts of Karnataka is currently in place.


What we do?

“We help you to achieve your success by moulding your thoughts properly”.